Project:  1986 Saab 900 Turbo
This is my most recent project.  A 1986 Saab 900 Turbo.  I had originally planned on using this for the 2007 24 Hours of Lemons but quickly changed my mind.  I found it for sale on Chraigslist for $80, which would have made it a perfect candidate for a sub-$500 race car, but after talking to the guy selling it, I couldn't bear to do that to this car.  It turns out that this car has everything done to it that I would want to do for a great daily driver.  The only thing that was wrong with it is that the transmission was destroyed and there is a small dent in the front drivers side.  The paint is also very faded, but it will buff out nicely.  In 1986, Saab did not clear coat their red cars. Starting point
Back end of the 1986 Saab 900 TurboThis is one of the many cool parts on this car.  Apparently, the decor panel, (reflective piece between the tail lights and under the license plate holder) is pretty rare and valuable.  I have never actually seen one, other than this, so I suspect that is true.  The spoiler is missing in this shot, but it is inside the car.  It is the extra large "whale tale" version and is in need of some minor repairs.  Also, you can see the SPG stile side vents in this picture.  These are of some value too.  I hear they add 2 bhp to the motor, (kidding, they do nothing).  The car also has the SPG rims, which hopefully have some value.
The interior is in really great shape.  no rips or tears at all.  There is some minor stains that I think will clean out.  If not, I have some options.  The shop recently picked up a Grey 1988 SPG that has a pretty nice back/gray interior that I could probably swap into this car.  Notice in this picture the very cool Saab Rally Catalog steering wheel.  There are 2 more in the trunk.  These are worth the price of the car alone.  You can also see some wires hanging out from under the dash.  Most of these are from the radio that is not there, the rest seem to be for the air bag, which this car does not have.  The previous owner not only transfered the engine from a 1990, he also transfered the entire wiring harness.1986 Saab 900 Turbo interior
1986 Saab 900 TurboThe motor is far from stock.  It is from a 1990 and has a lot of nice upgrades.  The head and manifold are from a 2.1 liter motor, and have been port an polished.  The turbo is from a Volvo.  I don't know what kind of improvement that is, if any.  I have also been told that the motor has been bored 0.040 over, custom pistons and lightened rods.  There are silicone vacuum houses throughout.  The pipes to and from the intercooler are the newer smooth type, (as opposed to the old cast aluminum).

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