Project:  '07 24 Hours of LeMons
1988 Saab SPG
Well, Boxwrench Garage is back at it again.  We have aquired a 1988 Saab 900 SPG for the 2007 running of the 24 Hours of LeMons. We found the car on Jan. 31 in San Mateo, posted on Craigslist for $600.  After much ado and pestering of the guy selling it, (thanks Justin and Damien) he was talked down to an even $500.  That put us right on the money for the event rules.  The nice thing about this car is that it is a complete, running and driving car.  All we need to do is strip it down,  put a roll cage in it, some better tires, and go racing. Starting point
Back end of the 1988 Saab 900 SPGWhen Damien and Max went to pick up the car, the seller had locked the title in another car, along with the keys.  This actually worked out well for us.  Because of the delay, the guy knocked another $20 off.  Sweet, down to $480, well within the rules.  We will also be selling many of the parts that we will not need.  Rims, trim, air conditioner, interior, etc.  That will also bring the cost down, and is allowed by the event rules.  At this point it doesn't look like we will need the extra money, but if we have it, maybe we could replace a ball joint or two.
The car is really good shape.  It almost seems a shame to smash it up.  I guess there is always the posibility that we will not get hit by anyone this year....  Aw, who am I kidding.  Last year's car didn't have a straight peice of sheet metal on it by the end of the first lap.  Still, SPG's are a rare car these days.  I know of more than a few people that will be crying when the race starts.  We were really hopeing to find a black car so that we would look just like last years, but this will do.  I may still paint it black if I have time.  In fact, I may have to.  We plan on cutting the roof off and welding it back on so that we can get our roll cage in!
1988 Saab SPG
1988 Saab SPG motorHere is the money maker.  Bone stock 2.0L, fuel injected, intercooled turbo.  This motor has nearly 300,000 miles on it.  Damien says it feels weak for what it should.  Once we strip all the extra weight off of the car, it should be good enough to last another 1000 miles, (we hope).  As always with old Saab 900's, there is some concern about the transmission holding up.  That is the weakest link in these cars.  Damien can tear one down and put it back together in a few hours.  I suspect that he will do that with this trans to make sure there isn't anything obvious that is about to break.  If need be, we could source another transmission from Pick-n-pull on half price day for $40.
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